1. The Crypviser Grand Event (hereinafter referred to as the "Grand Event") is organized and conducted with the purpose of advertising and promotion of Crypviser Secure Messenger - the most secure decentralized app for social communication.
    2. The Grand Event is handled by Crypviser GmbH located (legal address) at Alt-Pempelfort 15, 40211, Dusseldorf, Germany
    3. The Grand Event is held in accordance with these Terms & Conditions.
    4. The Grand Event is starting on 1st October 2020 and will last until 20th May 2021*
    5. All timeframes specified in these Terms & Conditions are calculated on CET (Berlin time)

    6. The Grand Event has an advertising and promotional character, is not a financial lottery or any other based event.
    7. The Grand Event Website in the Internet, which hosts all related information and Registration for the Grand Event is publicly available at https://grand.crypviser.network (hereinafter "The Grand Event WebSite").
    1. The prizes draw will be conducted in multiple stages in depend on the number of participants, according the draws plan.
    2. The draw plan with defined number of required participants and prizes for each stage is given below;
    3. Participants number Prize Level Quantity
      500 AirPods2 x10
      1500 Apple Watch x15
      2500 iPad Pro/Galaxy Tab x10
      3000 30 000 CVN x10
      5000 iPhone 11 Pro Max / Samsung Galaxy S20 x15
      7000 Apple MacBook Pro x10
      10000 1 BTC x5
      15000 Yearly subscriptions x50
      25000 4K Ultra HD TV x15
      35000 2 BTC x10
      50000 iPhone 11 Pro Max / Samsung Galaxy S20 x25
      75000 Apple MacBook Pro x25
      100000 BMW/Mercedes Auto x3
      150000 3 BTC x25
      250000 Grand Villa x1
    4. A participant is a Crypviser user who has successfully passed registration with a special code on the Grand Event website
    5. By reaching the required number of participants of every stage, the draw will be starting in 24 hours on the Grand Event Website in online mode.
    6. A winner(s) of each stage will be randomly picked by computer algorithm in the registered participants database.
    7. A winner(s) of any of the stages will be excluded from the participation in the future rounds. However, they are allowed to register for the Grand Event again by purchasing/renewing a Crypviser subscription plan
    8. The Grand Event participants are allowed to register multiple unique codes per one person. In case of winning in any stage, they will remain engaged in the draw for the further stages.
    9. The winner(s) list will be published on the Grand Event website after each stage.
    10. The winner(s) will be notified by registered E-mail address at the Grand Event Website.
    1. The Grand Event is open for participation to all Crypviser Secure Messenger users who have purchased or renewed a subscription plan for at least 3 months period through Apple Store/Google Play in the Crypviser Secure Messenger App or on the Grand Event Website.
    2. The acceptable payment methods to purchase/renew subscription plans are: Apple AppStore, Google Play in the Crypviser Secure Messenger App, BTC, ETH, CVN ERC20 cryptocurrencies and Bank cards on the Grand Event website.
    3. The users not admitted to the Grand Event are:
      • Crypviser employees and persons representing their interests, their friends and family members;
      • Commercial, business and promo partners affiliated with the Crypviser
      • Employees and representatives of third parties having contractual relations with the Crypviser and related to the parties involved in handling/hosting the Grand Event, as well as their family members.
    4. The fact of participation in the Grand Event means that the participant has familiarized and agreed to these Terms & Conditions.
    1. In order to participate in the Grand Event draws and apply for the Prize it is necessary:
      • Download the Crypviser Secure Messenger App
      • Register an account and activate for 3 Months FREE trial
      • Purchase a 3-Months subscription plan in the Crypviser Secure Messenger App with Apple Appstore/Google Play payment methods or through the Crypviser Grand Event website
      • Confirm an active E-Mail address and accept the Terms & Agreement
      • Register a Grand Event participation code at the Crypviser Grand Event website
      • Purchase or renew a 3M/6M/12M subscription plan in the Crypviser Secure Messenger App with Apple Appstore/Google Play payment methods or through the Crypviser Grand Event website
      • Confirm an active E-Mail address and accept the Terms & Agreement
      • Register a Grand Event participation code at the Crypviser Grand Event website
    3. One person may participate in the the Grand Event unlimited times by purchasing/renewing a subscription plan and registering a Grand Event code on the Website.
    4. If Crypviser has reasonable suspicions that the registered Grand Event code is a fake or incorrect, it will be removed from the draws list.
    5. The same Grand even code can be used for registration only once.
    1. The winner(s) of any of the stages will be contacted by the E-Mail address registered at the Grand Event website in 5 business days after public announcement of the winner(s) list.
    2. The delivery time of all prizes (expect of the Grand Prize) depends on the communication speed with the Winner and management time, but can not exceed 60 (sixty) business days.
    3. For all prize levels (exclude the Grand Prize, Vehicles, BTC & CVN cryptocurrencies) the winner(s) will be granted an online Gift/Voucher certificate to order the prize delivery from the online store available in the winner(s) area.
    4. For issuing prizes in BTC and CVN prizes the winner(s) must provide correct BTC or CVN wallet address.
    5. The winner is fully responsible for the correctness of the provided addresses. Crypviser assumes NO ANY RESPONSIBILITY for providing incorrect/wrong addresses or for damages in this case.
    6. Vehicle prizes will be given through official car dealers operating in the winner(s) area. In this case, it may be required to disclose personal data and residence address of the winner(s) for the vehicle registration and further delivery of the prize.
    7. All legal expenses for the vehicle registration, government fees and all kinds of tax payments defined by the law in the recipient country of the prize should be carried by winner(s).
    8. In order to receive the Grand Award, a luxury Villa in Spain, the personal presence of the winner in Spain is required. The Crypviser undertakes to bear all additional expenses related to the trip, registration of the real estate in the winner's name, notary services and state fees.
    9. All expenses related to the purchase, registration and delivery of prizes are reimbursed by Crypviser, except for all kind of tax, state fees, duties and other mandatory payments provided in the recipient's country.
    10. All expenses related to taxes, government duties and other mandatory fees stipulated by law in the prize recipient country are borne by the winner.
    11. None of the prizes, including vehicles and the Grand Award, can be exchanged for cash amount.
    12. Crypviser highly appreciates the privacy of users and will take all measures to communicate and deliver the prizes anonymously (except for the Grand Award).
    13. However, Crypviser reserves the right to attract randomly selected winners of any stage to participate in public promotions and campaigns. The promotions and campaigns include photo/video presentation of the prizes and interviews with the winners, anonymously or with disclosure of personal data.
    14. Randomly selected winners of any round should agree to provide Crypviser with all rights for public use of materials with their participation in public promo events and campaigns.
    15. In the event that a randomly selected winner(s) refuses to participate in promotional events and campaigns, Crypviser reserves the right to refuse delivery a prize in full or in part.
    16. In case of a voluntary refusal the prize by the winner(s), an additional stage of the drawing will be held in order to identify new winners.
    1. After successful registration the Grand Event participants can participate in additional scratch-off drawings to try a luck to win up to € 10.000 instantly.
    2. The amount of instant winnings is determined by an automatic random algorithm from 0 to € 10.000, depending on the total number of registered participants.
    3. The minimum possible instant win is € 5 and the maximum € 10,000.
    4. In case of winning, the amount will be credited with the preferred payment method within 72 business hours.
    5. The participant is fully responsible for the correctness of the payment method and details provided to receive the winning amount.
    1. Each participant has the right to take part in the drawing an unlimited number of times by purchasing a subscription and registering a participation code on the Grand Event website.
    2. Participants are fully responsible for providing reliable E-mail addresses and other necessary details to participate in the drawing and receive prizes.
    3. All participants are required to familiarize themselves with these Terms and Conditions in advance and follow them while participating in the Grand Event.
    4. By taking part in the Grand Event, participants agree to accept all the Terms and Conditions.
    1. The Prize fund is secured and provided by Crypviser
    2. Crypviser reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to unilaterally terminate, change, temporarily suspend or completely cancel the Event for any reason, including reasons beyond the Crypviser's control that distort or affect the performance, safety, honesty, integrity or proper conduct of the Event.
    3. Crypviser has the right to change these Terms and Conditions of participation in the Grand Event and all clauses at any time and without prior notice.
    4. If the required number of participants for any of the stages is not reached, Crypviser has the right to postpone, suspend or completely cancel the drawing of any stage.
    5. Crypviser undertakes to take all measures and forces to ensure maximum fairness and transparency of the results of the draw.
    6. Crypviser undertakes to deliver prizes to the winners based on the results of each of the stages that took place, according to the terms in clause 5.
    7. In case of suspension of cancellation of further stages or the entire event, the Crypviser is obliged to deliver prizes based on the results of all the rounds that have taken place.
    1. Crypviser ensures the confidentiality of the participants personal data in case of their collection.
    2. The personal data of the participants is stored in a secure database solely for participation in the Grand Event and the delivery of prizes in case of winning.
    3. In case of winning, the Participant agrees to transfer his personal data to third parties, including persons affiliated with the Crypviser, as well as technical partners and the person authorized by Crypviser to process and deliver prizes.
    4. The personal data of the participants cannot be used for purposes other than those specified in this Terms and Conditions.
    1. All decisions of the Crypviser on any issues related to the Grand Event are final and apply to all participants.
    2. All controversial issues regarding the Grand Event are regulated in accordance with the law of Germany.
    3. Crypviser has the right not to enter into correspondence or other contacts with participants, except for the cases provided for by these Terms and Conditions.
    4. Crypviser is not responsible for:
      • actions / inaction of the participants in case of damage to life,
      • health or property of the participants or other persons;
      • in case the participants report incomplete and / or inaccurate contact details and other data;
      • in the event that the participants submit unreliable or fake details;
      • in case of non-performance, untimely or improper performance;
      • by the participants of their duties, as well as in case of untimely implementation by the participants their rights provided for by these Terms and Conditions.
    5. Crypviser obligations regarding the quality of the Prizes are limited by guarantees, provided by their manufacturers and suppliers Complaints regarding the quality of the Prizes must be presented directly to the manufacturers and suppliers of these goods.